I’ve Graduated! Let’s Celebrate!

It’s official!  I’m a graduate of “The Complete Course in Professional Photography” through the New York Institute of Photography!  I received a beautiful diploma in the mail, I won’t share it online but you are welcome to see it in my studio.  Here is a screen grab from the NYIP’s Recent Graduates page on their website:


As a photographer my journey has been spread out over 18 years.  It began when I was in grade 9 and I took a “Darkroom Photography” class.  The first project requirement was to create a functioning camera out of a shoebox.  I then took a picture with the shoebox camera and developed the image (which was on paper film) in the darkroom myself.  I was super creative and took a picture of the shoes I was wearing haha!  I wish that I had kept that picture, but it was lost in one of the many moves I’ve made over the years.

I’ll never forget that moment when I saw my shoes magically appearing on the paper while it was being developed in the darkroom chemical solutions.  Right then and there I fell in love with photography.  I realized while looking at the developed picture of the shoes, that to me photography represented “capturing a moment or memory”.  I was a little in awe that all of this was created by an ordinary shoebox!  I continued to study photography through the remainder of highschool and even into college.

After college I concentrated on creating images within computers through animation and visual effects compositing for feature films, music videos and television commercials.  I loved it!  The feeling of creating or combining images and seeing them projected on the big screen at the movie theater was incredible.  While I worked I learned that digital compositing uses many of the basic rules of photography, everything from composition to proper lighting and depth of field.  The things that draw the viewer in, into a specific “moment” that is captured in that film.  In order to become a better compositor and artist I started taking photography courses in my spare time.

In 2007 I started my journey as a freelance photographer.  I left the film work behind and began working on the business side of visual effects as a Producer .  This allowed me to concentrate on photography in my free time.  I have been commissioned for weddings, portraits / headshot, couples, families, babies, landscapes, animals, real estate and food.  I love photography and look for any oppourtunity to use my camera.

While attending a photography seminar one Saturday in the Fall of 2011, the presenter spoke a little bit about his background and mentioned studying with NYIP.  This led me to look into “The Complete Course in Professional Photography” at the NYIP.  I felt it would be an excellent way for me to learn new tools that I would need to succeed in photography, while brushing up on my existing knowledge.  It was a fantastic program and I can’t wait to use the techniques I learned through the project modules!

The program was 270 hours of lessons spread out over 6 Units which included the following:

Image Capture
Filters, Digital Processing
Developing Your Eye
Natural and Available Light
Artificial Light: Continuous
Artificial Light: Flash
Travel Photography
Landscape and Flower Photography
The Perfect Print
Basic Portrait Lighting
Studio Portraiture
Location Portraiture
Child and Pet Photography
Wedding Photography
Macro Photography, Astrophotography, and CopyingFashion Photography
Advertising and Still-Life Photography
Architectural Photography
Portfolio Development
Glamour and Boudoir Photography

To celebrate the completion of the course I am offering a free 8×10 print with any portrait, family or headshot session booked before November 1st 2014.  Yay!!!

~ Bonnie



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